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Fall 2013 Newsletter


The Math and Science Club Gives Back to the Community

Dr. Amy A. Kovach


The Math and Science Club at Roberts Wesleyan College exists to build community within the departments of Biological and Chemical Sciences and Computer Science, Math and Physics. In addition to building a community of likeminded students, the club strives to promote science on the college campus and in the surrounding community. This year we completed our third year of Adopt-A-School with School #36, the Henry W. Longfellow School, in the Rochester City School District.

Adopt-A-School is a program sponsored by the American Chemical Society in which different organizations adopt a fourth grade classroom for an academic year. Once a month, RWC students along with a faculty advisor traveled to School #36 to teach a hands-on science lesson to a fourth grade class at School #36. This past spring we supported three different fourth grade classes at School #36 and had approximately thirty college students and three faculty members participate.

At the start of the 2012-2013 academic year, our Adopt-A-School program was firmly established and our students wanted to increase their involvement with School #36.  With generous support from the Joanna fund, we were able to support two major projects for School #36.  The first project was, “Coats on Kids”, click here to read the article. The second project, “Kids on Campus”, brought forty-seven fourth graders, six teachers and two chaperones from School #36 to visit our campus on May 3rd, 2013.  Our 24 volunteers guided the fourth grade students as they rotated through a physical fitness activity at the VAC, an art activity in Carpenter (bubble art), and a science activity in the SSC (making two polymers and three demonstrations).  We also provided the students with lunch at Garlock and some healthy snacks to take home.  The fourth grade students thoroughly enjoyed their time on campus, and many stated that it was the best field trip they have ever been on.  They were very impressed with our campus (especially the hand dryers in the VAC and all the food choices at Garlock) and very grateful!

As co-advisors to the Math and Science Club, Rachel Graham and I were proud to watch our college students selflessly invest their time and energy into the lives of these fourth grade students throughout the year.  Watching the fourth grade students enjoy our campus for a day allowed us all to see our campus through fresh eyes and gave us a new appreciation for the opportunities and the community that we have here at Roberts Wesleyan College. Below are some comments from Roberts students.


Participating in the Kids on Campus event was a great experience. I was one of the people doing the science craft and it was amazing to see the kid's eyes light up when they realized they had made slime. They were so excited that they could take it home with them and keep it forever. It was also awesome to see their faces when Dr. Kovach did the dish soap demonstration. They were laughing and in awe when that soap bubbled out of the tube and out onto the table. The best part of the day was when they walked into Garlock and thought it was the greatest thing ever and we don't even like it there. They were so amazed that they could eat however much they wanted. It was then that I realized how needy these kids really are. I thank God that he gave me the opportunity to help change these kid's lives and I hope I can do it again in the future. Elizabeth Wild, 2016

The Kids on Campus event was an inspirational time for both the students and the mentors. The experience was humbling as I got to see these kids absolutely amazed at the size of our "gym" and completely overwhelmed by their food choices in Garlock. I cannot wait for the next opportunity to love on these kids by having fun while playing games, and teaching science lessons, but more importantly showing the love that God has for each and every one of them. Nicholas Hanggi, 2014

Having the kids on campus was awesome; being able to teach them new things was the best part. Can't wait for them to come again. Tasia Ortiz, 2016


I really enjoyed having the students come to our campus. I think it got them excited about learning, especially about college. One student said, "Our school is only one building, but yours is awesome because it’s like 100 buildings." I had the privilege of teaching the art class, and I loved seeing each and every smiling face. Although, I think the coolest part of the day for the students was when we took them to the cafeteria. They thought it was awesome that we could eat pizza and ice cream whenever we wanted :) If I had not graduated, I would participate again as I had an awesome experience. I would recommend to others participating in this event in the future. I feel as though I had just as much if not more fun than the kids! Bethany (Metallo) Anderson, 2013

Personally, my favorite part about Kids on Campus was being able to see their reaction to learning all the science hands-on. They normally don't get to see things such as a gummy bear explosion or making slime, so being able to see how absolutely excited they were to do these things was great! Maggie Bisig, 2014


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