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Roberts Wesleyan confers one associate's degree, two bachelor's degrees, and five master's degrees.

The College confers only one degree upon completion of a program. Students completing two majors qualifying them for both the B.A. and B.S. degrees must choose the degree they wish to receive. To qualify for both a B.A. and B.S. degree a student must take a minimum of 30 additional semester hours after earning the first degree and meet all requirements for the second degree.

Associate of Science Degree

The Associate of Science degree is a technical degree which requires two years of study. While it meets the formal educational requirements for some vocations, it also provides a background for further study in a related field. This additional study can lead to a baccalaureate degree either at Roberts Wesleyan or elsewhere.  The Associate of Science degree requires 30 hours of liberal arts credit.

Bachelor of Arts Degree

The Bachelor of Arts degree in a liberal arts framework affirms a concept of wholeness toward which a community of educators and students must constantly strive. The Bachelor of Arts stresses unifying concepts and methods and should enable the student to identify meaning in remote relationships.  It is designed to expand the potential of the individual by introducing the nature and process of critical thinking and by introducing the fundamental ideas and broad structures found in major areas of knowledge.

The Bachelor of Arts degree allows for limited concentration in one area based on the broad background. It is to be viewed as a balanced approach representing the educational process which most effectively relates to the goals and objectives of liberal education. The B.A. degree requires completion of 124 semester hours, of which 90 semester hours must be liberal arts credit.

Bachelor of Science Degree

The Bachelor of Science degree enables the student to opt for a heavier concentration in one (or more) discipline(s). This degree stresses the importance of functional specialization in relation to the liberal arts concept. The B.S. degree requires completion of no fewer than 124 semester hours, of which at least 60 semester hours must be liberal arts credit.

Master Degrees

For information on these programs contact individual academic divisions.

Definition of Liberal Arts Credit

Liberal arts credits are those that expose the student to aesthetic, historic, philosophic, and scientific methodologies. Non-liberal arts credits are those that can be categorized as professional training. Applied music lessons & ensembles, art studios, accounting, business, computer programming, criminal justice, education, nursing, and social work courses are some examples of non-liberal arts classes.