The squeeky wheel…

Without getting into too much detail, recently, the NFL  settled with the players association to pay for medical expenses of  players with concussion injuries.  Over $750 million will be set aside to assist past, present, and future players with medical expenses in just this area alone.  The NFL had a PR disaster on its hands when 4,500 players threatened to sue the NFL.  They claimed the NFL knew that football was a dangerous sport and league officials hid evidence and data that supported this argument.  Many past players have debilitating brain injuries along with outstanding debt because of  concussions that went undiagnosed or because players continued to play with a concussion (many in multiple games).  Did the NFL cover up data?  If so, for how long?  Were they justified in keeping such information hidden?  There are too many questions about this topic to put into a single blog.  One question that does stand out above all of these I would actually direct towards the players union.  Why did it take so long for the players union to put the pressure on the NFL?  The NFL is, arguably, the greatest brand known to mankind.   Public Relations, loyal fans, plus the positive media relationships developed over the many years would have helped your cause seven fold.  Perhaps it is time the players union focus less on getting convicted criminals contracts and more on players lives after the NFL.  Development and management of a stronger and more active Public Relations Policy will be your best assistance.

Jay P.

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3 Responses to The squeeky wheel…

  1. student says:

    The NFL actually just teamed up with a sports medicine company that created a skull cap that is inserted into the helmet and collects data of each hit and categorizes each impact to indicate whether or not the player needs medical attention. -Josh

  2. student says:

    I’d like to think that the NFL wouldn’t hide research or information from the players but who really knows…in any event, the players know the sport they are playing is a dangerous one and they continue to make the decision to play cutting years off of their lives.

    J Dixon

  3. Kevin says:

    Sorry, but this reminds me of smokers suing tobacco companies because they (the smokers) were shocked – SHOCKED – to find out smoking can cause lung cancer. Football is an incredibly violent sport. Players put everything they have into reaching the NFL, and then they voluntarily continue to participate. The notion of the NFL covering up data is something that will unfold over time, but at the moment it reeks of the usual reverse PR operation of ambulance chasing lawyers!

    Kevin K