The power that is Social Media (L. Albert)

There is a website called Indiegogo, which is a social media site that people can connect with and help raise money for various charities or causes. It can be for a person or an organization. One fundraiser that has gotten a lot of attention is titled “Who Gives a Crap – toilet paper that builds toilets”. Who Gives a Crap is an undoubtedly cheeky product, but it’s addressing a very serious problem. 2.4 billion People (almost 40% of the world) do not have access to basic sanitation. This results in waterborne illnesses that kill 4000 children under the age of five every single day. Put simply, the developing world needs toilets. They have raised over $60,000.00 in one month. They have an awesome video that has gone viral. This got me thinking, if you put out a clever video, and it goes viral, more people will be aware of it and want to help out. This can also go for businesses. Having a good advertisement can boost sales and awareness of your product or service. Something like this wasn’t shown on television or heard on the radio all over the country. Social media like twitter, Facebook and YouTube are what made this campaign popular. I learned about this from Twitter. And now I am talking about it in a blog post. It’s amazing what Social media is capable of  #powertothepeople

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One Response to The power that is Social Media (L. Albert)

  1. student says:

    Lisa fantastic post. Social is changing everything and it is leveling the playing field for smaller organizations.

    Raising money for toilets is not the sexiest of campaigns — however, these guys have figured out how to make a difficult and yet very important topic visible to thousands (if not more) people. Humor is one key and need is another. Good stuff.

    #powertothepeople #hashtagsrule