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Is Social Media taking over Social Life?

                        Recently I noticed a trend in restaurants – younger couples having dinner, not absorbed in conversation but rather by their smart phones. You can argue that they might be texting to each other, and maybe some of them are. … Continue reading

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“Likes” vs. Customer Reviews – Whose Side Are You On?

In a recent article by Kara Nortmann, she declares that the traditional written “online review” as we know it has met its match in the now unmistakable Facebook “like” button. With 500 million users and counting, Facebook has become the … Continue reading

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Should your brand be on social media?

Is your company still on the fence as to whether or not they should be on Facebook and Twitter? Check this out…….The top three reasons people follow a brand: 1. Contests or Sweepstakes 2. They are a current customer 3. … Continue reading

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Now You Could Lose a Job Because of Something You ‘Liked’ on Facebook

We’ve all been there before. Staying up past our bed times to un-tag pictures from freshman year in college, thinking to ourselves, “Why did I think posting this was a good idea!?” Then you remember, back then the only people … Continue reading

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