Strong Employee Relations

During our presentations, I absorbed how significant employee relations are in our daily lives. We are at work 40 hours (or more) and are at work more than anywhere else! While employees are there, they would like respect, honest feedback, recognition, their voice to be heard, and encouragement fro managers and co-workers. Having good employee relations is essential for creating a strong organization.

Marissa Mayer, current CEO of Yahoo, understands this. Since she has taken over the company, improvements have been implemented. She has listened to the frustrated Yahoo employees and has created an more employee friendly benefits. There is now free food and additional paid leave for new parents.

Organizations need to listen in order to have committed and productive employees.

- Jennifer Osborn

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2 Responses to Strong Employee Relations

  1. student says:

    You can never go wrong with free food. Never.

    Kevin K.

    • Holly Vianco says:

      While free food and extra benefits are a nice “extra’s” in the worlds of Yahoo! Google, Facebook (who gives 4,000 cash to new parents), and other business tycoons, it’s not always realistic for us real folks who work at a local mid-sized business. Each organization must look realistically into what “extra’s” they can do for their employees to make them feel like assets instead of just cogs in a machine. A thank you email, a birthday card, and a pizza day once a month will show employees attention and appreciation. Although, if I worked at Facebook – I might have 5 kids by now ;)