Social media revamp for veterans!

Sachs Media Group was chosen to help run a PR campaign for FDVA (Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs) and it created a big impact! The department established 23 years ago, needed a new method of informing the vets of available assistance in their lives.

Michelle Ubben, Sachs’ chief operating officer, says, “We went through a very comprehensive process of looking at all their communications tools, both online and in print.” They looked at Vietnam War, women, and young or returning veterans.

The media group redesigned the FDVA website so is easier to navigate and created an app for Apple and Android. There have been more than 1,400 downloads of the mobile app!  Ubben also states, “Our traffic is way up, but the amount of time that people are spending on the site is much shorter because they are finding the information more quickly.”

- Jennifer Osborn

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