Re-vamping….What Can They Really Do? (Geoff)

Today Marissa Meyer is unveiling her plan to turn-around the flailing as reported by Business Insider

In the article, sources say that Meyers is going to concentrate on 8 key products in the new roll-out as well as concentrating on redesigning the site.  My question is, does Yahoo have a chance at all?  After all, Google and Facebook seem to have a monopoly on all free web based tools for consumers.  What is yahoo possibly going to be able to come out with that would rival those products?  And how would these new products gain more members of Yahoo who then – in turn – use more of the products being offered?

I think it is going to be extremely difficult for Yahoo to gain market share.  It seems that if your basic consumer needs to find something or get something done they will either go to Google or Facebook.  Their is no room for another player in this market.

And what about a social media presence?  Google recognized it needed one now and launched Google +.  Will social media be a part of Yahoo’s new plan?  And if so, what makes it different?  My guess is, basically nothing.

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