Public Relations the Game Changer

Vintage BaseballIt wasn’t long ago that PR was an afterthought in the marketing mix. It was a way to get a little publicity to amplify the brand, launch a product or beat back a crisis. Today, with the rise of social media storytelling is a must. PR has evolved from an afterthought to a major league game changer.

This change comes with the rise of social media and the growing role PR has in shaping conversations both with the media and directly with the end users. Previously, PR was a one-way conversation—based around how the press would perceive or talk about your brand.

Today, it has become a dialogue with a much wider range of influencers. Press STILL plays a role, but it is joined by bloggers, customers, company employees and anyone else who talks about a brand, most likely online.

By snowballing for a larger dialogue, something more than the actual products or brand to bigger issues, PR campaigns often look to activate and engage customers to take action and change the thought process.

As a result, the skills PR brings to the table are crucial for brand marketing. PR starts by spotting trends to crafting messages that will resonate in the community to being able to react quickly to shifting attitudes or NEWSJACKING. PR’s expertise in reputation management, community, government, international, media relations has become more critical. Which is why more dollars are now being allocated to PR. It’s the game changer.

-Josh M.

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One Response to Public Relations the Game Changer

  1. Susan Sullivan says:

    Josh, you struck a nerve where you discussed the effect of PR by bloggers, customers, employees — ANYONE on online. The opportunities are endless, as are the possibilities for negative consequences.