More is less.

I started out by thinking of the things that catch my eye. I thought – I like the colorful posters above the recycling bin that tell me what to recycle with pictures. I always notice the first three lines of the emails that I receive. I remember the random quote that I see taped to someone’s computer, the headline of the RBJ on the desk, and the microblog statement on twitter, the daily e-blast, the company website and our internal memos. Having said that, you have probably stopped reading because I am on line six already.

If you are still with me, challenge your editing skills to see just how concise you can get your messaging while maintaining impact. Microblogging is in, short messages with impact will drive your message and the time spent on the long company memo is simply better spent drinking a cup of coffee. Copy is a tricky balance and too much can bore your audience. If you have to have it, add in subheadings, visuals and lists to break up the text and keep the audience engaged.


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One Response to More is less.

  1. Kristel says:

    Kelly, you have hit the nail on the head! I wouldn’t admit that I am impatient or have short attention span, just don’t have time for long stories :-)