Marketing, you can take it with you. (H.Worthington)

“Why do they need a naked body on the bag?!’ A co-worker asked me, outraged about a shopping bag her daughter brought back from the mall.  I immediately knew her daughter had been shopping at Ambercrombie and Fitch from the description of the provocative sexy image the brand is known for.  

Packaging is a great way for customers to market for companies before even using the product.   In order for to be an effective marketing vehicle, packaging must emulate the brand as seamlessly as the products or service and be as recognizable.  For example when you see the naked torso of an adolescent shot in black in white with a Hampton’s backdrop across a shopping bag, you think A&F’s polo shirts, not child pornography. A small box is just a box unless its colored in Tiffany’s blue.  A glossy striped pink bag always has lingerie in it.  A green mermaid means coffee and a thin blue, a silver cylinder means liquid energy and a small yellow box use to mean film.   The packaging of these products proceeds themselves because their logos, shape, sizes and colors have become synonymous with the brand.  Allowing a simple paper bag, box or wrapper to be a mini billboard for the company.  

Before throwing items in a brown paper bag and sending customers on their way; remember, marketing can be draped over a customer’s shoulder without them even realizing.

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