Loves me, loves me not?

I have officially learned another cardinal rule for strategic marketing: HAVE A GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR GRAPHIC DESIGNER. Without them, the client is sunk. Necessities for a excellent relationship are: common ground, objective references, constructive criticism (emphasis on constructive), respect for expertise, and no nerves when having to ask a question.

There is a checklist that needs to be completed when looking at a product from a graphic designer. The list includes, but is not limited to; do people want to look at it? Is it appealing? What differentiates the brand? Does what the designer gave you match the brand? Does the delivery go alongside the brief? Is it simple? Is there a call to action? And is there an incentive for the consumer? These questions must be asked before going foreword.

After hearing Andrew’s speech on Monday, I will now know to really value what the designer does and criticize it properly.

- Jennifer Osborn

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2 Responses to Loves me, loves me not?

  1. student says:

    When we get through with this cohort, I am signing up for a graphic design course through my local adult education service. I have been trained in art, but graphic design takes into account so much more. The software programs alone will be improved six months from now.

  2. student says:

    I agree with your post Jen. I also need help with design! Stick figures are not cutting it anymore.