Hello, your name is…?

As a new employee, there are a lot of new faces. Leniency is afforded to the new person when it comes to remembering names but don’t miss a great opportunity to create a meaningful first impression. The key is to study the names and faces of people who you meet. Dale Carnegie once said, “a person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

How do internal communHello Sticketications play a role in this feat of mental strength?  Add roster photos to the internal staff directory. There is great value in giving new employees the ability to get to know people.

Once you have studied the faces of the people attending a meeting, put it into action. Greet people by name and repeat their name in conversation. If you forget their name, remember that you have leniency so remain poised, respectful and honest by saying “I know we have met and I’m sorry that I cannot remember your name, my name is ___________.” By putting in your name, you are saying that you obviously did not expect them to remember you either. For me, my brain works by remembering the sounds of a name, if it is short or long, the beginning sound and pairing it with a photo.

Internal communications can teach memory techniques and provide a roster of photos via the internal channels, and the new employee is set up for success.  They will enter a room with more confidence and immediately begin to assimilate into the team.


Photo Source: sodahead.com


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One Response to Hello, your name is…?

  1. Jackie says:

    Great suggestion. Remembering names is tough, but having a tool to fall back on, like suggested in the article helps the person you are speaking with by refreshing their memory. Having an employee directory with pictures is a great suggestion. Personally, I am terrible with names, any help I can get is greatly appreciated. I know how nice it feels when someone remembers mine.