BP’s Latest PR Push

I thought I would include the article below in this week’s blog, since it was a popular example for PR last week. The article comes from AdAge with the title “BP’s Latest PR Push: Don’t Take Advantage of Our Settlement Agreement.” Basically it is about how BP is still dealing with the repercussions of the 2010 oil spill. They discuss how they feel that they have been trying to financially help those who have been affected any way that they can. However, some companies have been taking advantage of them and BP is letting the press know. There is a very compelling question in the article… Is BP playing the victim a smart move after the accident so badly left damage to the ecosystem and economy?

There is a public affairs specialist that believes it might not be the smartest move, since the company has spent so much time repairing its image it’s possible further damage could be done.

I’ll let you read the article and form an opinion on the matter:


-Jessica S.

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One Response to BP’s Latest PR Push

  1. Kevin says:

    It’s a good question (whether they should push back or not). At some point you have to dig in against a concerted effort to extort your company, lest you become an open target for more abuse. The shareholders (e.g., teacher’s 410k pension funds) have to be protected from predatory taking.

    BP had the president of the United States indicting them (recklessly and lawlessly) before anyone even knew what had happened while the head of the EPA, Lisa Jackson, said the government would “absolutely” levy fines on BP over the spill”, and Interior secretary Salazar crowed that “We will keep our boot on their neck”. Having this kind of target painted on your back kind of sets you up for further abuse.

    A great deal of economic damage was done by the US government shutting down drilling in the area. Of course, there are never repercussions for bureaucrats!

    So I think they have to push back. They don’t really need a “reputation”, as they are selling us a commodity that we desperately need, and that we will buy from them no matter what!