Ben Affleck and Batman

I love talking about Hollywood marketing because, like it or not, we almost all encounter it on a daily basis.  The big news this week was a press release that Ben Affleck has been cast as the next Batman in the upcoming Warner Brothers movie to be titled “Batman vs. Superman” or maybe “Superman vs. Batman.”  Talk about a powerful press release: simply the CASTING NEWS has caused an incredible amount of interest from news publications and social media, and the movie hasn’t even started filming yet.  Did you know that some celebrities are notorious for having their agents leak to the press that they’re being considered for or have been cast in a part when they really haven’t been?  This way they increase the public’s perception of their notoriety and credibility by suggesting a Spielberg-caliber director is considering them, and if the public reacts favorably to the news, fan momentum may be enough to sway the studio into choosing them over other candidates.  It’s fun to try to spot well-camouflaged PR!  Grab an Entertainment Weekly and give it a try!

Beth C.

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5 Responses to Ben Affleck and Batman

  1. student says:

    Agreed. Similar to last week’s discussions on political PR, leaks are a time-honored (time-dishonored??) method of influencing public opinion!

  2. student says:

    It would be interesting to see what strategies music industry PR professionals use versus movie industry specific professionals! With the “game changer” of sites that leak music early- how many are those are actually encouraged to do so by the artist, etc?


  3. Susan Sullivan says:

    Oh, if only we all had the power of celebrity!


  4. Jessica S. says:

    That’s really interesting! I wonder how the PR team handles a backfire with a “leak” of information.

  5. student says:

    Hmmm good post! Considering many people have voiced their opinion AGAINST Ben Affleck being cast in the role, it will be interesting to see how its played out. -Melissa