Aretha Franklin Has Got It Right!


Respect Aretha Franklin sings Respect


Most of you reading this are not Picasso, Reid or da Vinci, and I mean that with the utmost respect. As marketers, we can come up with creative ideas, but often come up short on the actual creation of the creative, thus enlisting the help of graphic designers, web masters, producers, ect..

Obviously the selection of either going with creative agency or freelance is up to you.  Choosing the right fit for creative execution should be based on many aspects, cost, time, talent and professionalism. However, establishing a relationship is a must with either agency or freelancer.

I believe that the basis of partnering should be based on a mutual RESPECT; based on the mere fact that you are the expert in your field and they are the experts in theirs; the shared balance of power and exchange of ideas, which sometimes could end with a better outcome than originally anticipated.

Respect and elimination of dominance can break down barriers and make for better communication between both parties; you as a marketer, and them as creative  executioner.


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