An Awkward Situation

Do you remember when “Jersey Shore” didn’t exist?

I do.

I miss that.

However, we sadly live in a world where idiocy and fake tans are celebrated which allows such atrocities to exist. I feel like I belong to a shrinking population that can’t stomach sitting through an entire episode and that despises the pseudo culture in its entirety.

Interestingly enough, the people at Abercrombie and Fitch share my sentiments.  A few nights ago on “Jersey Shore,” the Situation was wearing a pair of A.& F. sweat pants. The company saw this and jokingly decided to pay him not to wear their product. The company went as far as releasing a  statement about their decision and how much they were willing to pay the Situation to not rep the brand. As soon as it was made public, MTV responded saying that it was probably a marketing ploy and that if A&F was interested in partnering with the show, that discussion would happen in private. The next thing that happened stunned a lot of people…A&F stock fell! A lot too. About 8%.

This backfire seems interesting to me. It’s not the first time the cast has been rejected by brands. Designer handbag companies provided the cast with competitors products, just so that they wouldn’t be seen carried around by the tiny orange troll known as Snookie.

But then again, it’s possible that all of this press, good or bad, will still benefit A&F because the brand will be top of mind for back to school shopping.

So what do you think? PR stunt gone wrong? Or PR stunt that will pay off very soon?

Or do people take their love for “Jersey Shore” so seriously that they revolt against anything or anyone that doesn’t agree?

If that’s the case… Oh my God I LOVE Jersey Shore!!! Me and Snookie get spray tans together!


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One Response to An Awkward Situation

  1. Jackie says:

    Too funny, same topic, different spin. I think that’s great. Great minds do think alike! But, were you watching “Jersey Shore” you don’t strike me as a “Jersey Shore” girl…..