A happy employee is a productive employee








… Isn’t that the truth!

Internal marketing is crucial.  If a company is not implementing this tactic they are missing out.

The goal of internal marketing is to motivate all areas of a company toward one common goal so that a consistent message is communicated to customers.  Anytime a customer interacts with an employee, it affects their overall satisfaction.

Some positive vibes a company receives by having an Internal Marketing program:

-        Every employee feels a part of the company by keeping them informed on special promotions, new products, and/or customers.

-        Will make employees excited to come to work and gives them a sense that they are working toward a bigger purpose.  This positive excitement will be reflected in the interaction with customers.

-        A company culture is born.  Employees will feel respected and a part of the team.

-        Will help build internal brand awareness by assisting the employees in feeling educated and involved.  Will also assist in the employees believing in the product/service and communicate that mission to customers.

Please share your own internal marketing company experience!

-M. Sciortino

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  1. student says:

    I agree and do feel as though the company I work for, Paychex, really does a good, job. This course really made me appreciate what I do have. J. Osborn