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If you have a passion for visual storytelling (film/video/photo), visual communication, and media art & design, the Digital Media Art major is for you! You will gain a strong core curriculum in the visual arts, communication arts and media. You will learn the artistic, communication and technical skills necessary for a wide of range of digital media fields.

You will explore all aspects of digital motion media, from traditional video production to the emerging fields of independent web-based content - including television and film concepts. After receiving  comprehensive instruction in the concept, technique, and theory of Art, Design, and Media for visual communications, you will be prepared to bring critical thinking and technical strategies in contemporary media and the media arts to your chosen profession.

You will be expected to complete a professional internship in your area of interest.

You will have access to state of the art equipment and facilities, such as computer labs with iMacs, industry level software for video, photography, and motion graphics, traditional and DSLR cameras, lighting equipment, and more.

graphic design computer lab


Courses Include:

  • Introduction to Graphic Design
  • Typography
  • Introduction to Digital Photo/Imaging
  • Time, Motion & Communication
  • Introduction to Digital Video
  • Documentary and Field Production
  • The Narrative in Video and Digital Storytelling
  • The Art of Film
  • Introduction to Web Design

Offered by the Dept. of Communication

  • Introduction to Media (COMM 2202)
  • Introduction to Communication Arts (COMM 2201)
  • Oral Interpretation, Diction, & Delivery (COMM 3310)
  • Journalism (COMM 3210)
  • Principles of Persuasion and Criticism (COMM 3302)
  • Communication in the Classroom (COMM 3306)
  • Analysis and Criticism in Contemp Culture (COMM 3351)
  • Decision-Making & Ethics in Communication (COMM 4401)

Other suggested courses students will take as electives:

  • COMP 3200  Creative Writing
  • MRKT 3400   Advertising & Branding
  • MRKT 3450   Consumer Behavior
  • MRKT 2010   Principles of Marketing
  • THTR 2200   Acting I
  • THTR 2300   Script Analysis
  • THTR 2400   Stage Craft
  • and a rotating set of special topics courses in Film Studies offered through the History and Language and Literature


For more information, contact:

Romy Hosford, Associate Professor of Art
585.594.6733 | Hosford_Romy@roberts.edu

Romy Hosford, M.F.A., is a multimedia artist and educator and has taught at Roberts since 2011. Her photo/video based installation work can be described as storytelling through object, material and historical contexts; often dealing with perception, definition and expectation. In addition, it investigates the concept of memory - personal and cultural, remembering and forgetting.  Read more about Professor Hosford.