Young Life Scholarship

There are three (3) scholarships for students involved in Young Life that can total to $4,000 for their first year at RWC.

Young Life Participation Scholarship

Full-time traditional undergraduate students who are active members in Young Life are eligible for a $1,000 scholarship for their first year only (transfer students not eligible).

Partnership Program

In harmony with its quality Christian tradition, Roberts Wesleyan College offers a Partnership Program for churches and their young people who enroll at Roberts.  This will be extended to the Young life organization.  Roberts Wesleyan College will match 50% to 100% of scholarship assistance provided by the enrolling student's Young Life Director, up to a level of $1,000.  For students that are enrolled for just one semester, the maximum amount that will be matched is $500.  The level of the match will be determined by the Director of Student Financial Services upon review of documented financial need, as determined by the students application for federal aid, and other resources. 

Young Life Leadership Training Course

Any student who enrolls and completes the Young Life Leadership Training Course (a non-credit class during the fall semester), and after completion of the class, holds a leadership position either through Young Life or on Roberts' campus will receive $1,000 in scholarship per year.  This can be renewable each year for up to four (4) academic years.  The class is only available to a first year freshman or during a transfer student's first fall semester at Roberts.