Drawing and Painting

Concentration in Drawing & Painting

rwc_student_016_187x250.jpg The Painting and Drawing concentration builds from perceptual studies in the foundations of traditional drawing toward the exploration of contemporary definitions, as the student finds an individual voice within the media.

Study involves the traditional subjects of still life, landscape and investigation of tonal form, moving through study of the human figure, and then with experimental contemporary media.
As drawing and painting develop perceptual thinking, skills fundamental to a number of visual disciplines are enhanced. Painting and Drawing students are encouraged to investigate the related media of Printmaking and Photography to fully realize their visual aesthetic. The coincidence and interdependence of painting and drawing courses offers the student the opportunity to explore these two disciplines comprehensively and without restriction. rwc_student_052_300x200.jpg

For more information contact Professor Scot E. Bennett at Bennett_Scot@roberts.edu