Art Study Abroad

Art in Context - On Location Course

 We recognize the benefits and richness of international study and have designed a program called Art in Context. This program provides you with  opportunity to study art within the context of specific overseas countries. The student selects Art in Context as part of their spring semester academic load, while preparing during the semester for experiential learning on site during the month of May.


This course will offer students an opportunity to spend some time 'on location' studying a particular topic in art history. Students will be expected to participate in some traditional classroom work, but the course will include travel time (from a few days to three weeks) to destinations that relate to the topic of the course. Course topics will change. The trip consists of international travel to one of the worlds’ greatest art cities with some regional excursions where applicable.  Students visit galleries, cathedrals, architectural sites, and museums while experiencing the rich cultural traditions of each world-class city.  A typical day consists of meeting for breakfast, traveling to the study site(s) for that day, free time for writing, dinner, concerts, discussions or walks with faculty and friends in the evening.

Locations for Art in Context have included London, Paris, Rome, Orvieto, Florence and Venice, while professors leading this course have taken other study groups to Madrid, Berlin, Munich, Dresden, and Prague.

Other international opportunities within the Department of Visual Arts are planned, and there multiple opportunities for Roberts students outside of the department.

For more information regarding the Art in Context course, and other Department opportunities please contact Kathryn Ciaccia at 585-594-6120 or email at