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Salvation Army Interviewing Lab

The Salvation Army Christmas Lab showed me many different aspects of poverty andafforded me a glimpse of what the career of social work includes. Over the course of eight hours, I gained confidence, experience, and a new perspective regarding people in need of assistance.

The Salvation Army Interviewing Lab is a part of SWK 103 (Introduction to Contemporary Social Work). The purpose of the lab is to help students understand the needs of a diverse population of low-income clients in the city of Rochester.

  • Students spend one full day volunteering time at the Rochester Salvation Army.
  • Students conduct interviews with needy families to assist them with obtaining vouchers for Christmas food and gifts for children.
  • This helps students develop the ability to apply positive use of self to a social work setting.

The Salvation Army Lab that I attended...was one of the most eye-opening and moving things that I have ever experienced. I am not exposed to the poverty-stricken community that is around me, and this was a perfect opportunity for me to really see how needy people are so close to where I live. I went to the lab being extremely nervous and not knowing what to expect, and left feeling very confident with my skills as a social worker.



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