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Religion and Philosophy

This major will develop your mind and heart in a way that will prepare you for a multitude of career options. You will finish this program as a grounded, well-read person with the ability to communicate effectively and think critically.

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4 Year Promise

At Roberts, we are committed to giving you a head start in earning income and achieving your personal goals by helping you graduate in four years. In fact, we guarantee it.


Program Highlights

Complete your college education and your Masters of Divinity in 5 years.

Study the theology of Scripture, the discipline of fasting, and more. Hands-on and experiential learning.

Connect your experience in the field with your learning in the classroom.

Greater Stories

Allyson Turner Headshot

"Getting the opportunity to study in the Religion and Philosophy department has been life-changing. I am being equipped for ministry with the necessary skills and knowledge I will need. Not only do the professors care about your studies, they care most importantly about your spiritual growth and the person you are becoming to help fulfill the calling God has placed on you."

Allyson Turner

What Will I Learn

This major will offer you in-depth studies in philosophy and theology. A core of Bible courses along with the history of philosophy, church history, and upper-division theology will give you a well-rounded education to pursue your career and ministry goals.

Career Outlook


  • Browncroft Community Church, Rochester, NY
  • Edgewood Free Methodist Church, Brighton, NY
  • First Bible Baptist Church, Greece, NY
  • Heart and Soul Free Methodist Church, Rochester, NY
  • New Hope Free Methodist Church, Rochester, NY
  • Park Ridge Free Methodist Church, Greece, NY
  • Pearce Memorial Church, North Chili, NY
  • Roberts Wesleyan University, Chaplain Ministries, Rochester, NY
  • Shema Yisrael Messianic Jewish Congregation, Rochester, NY
  • Youth for Christ, Rochester, NY
  • Church Radiant, Rochester, NY
  • Pearce Memorial Church, North Chili, NY
  • Parkside Lutheran Church, Buffalo, NY
  • Mary’s Place Refugee Outreach, Rochester, NY
  • Free Methodist Bible Quizzing, Rwanda, Africa


  • Recruiter for the United States Army
  • Youth Pastor
  • Church Administrator
  • Worship Pastor
  • Ministry Staff Member
  • Resident Counselor
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Product Manager
  • Admissions Counselor
  • Publishing Specialist
  • Director of a Non-Profit
  • Volunteer Coordinator

Grad Schools

  • Asbury Theological Seminary
  • Colgate Rochester Divinity School
  • Duke University
  • Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Gordon Conwell Seminary
  • Northeastern Seminary
  • Ohio State University
  • Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
  • Princeton Theological Seminary
  • SUNY Albany
  • Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
  • University of North Texas
  • University of Toronto
  • University of Rochester
  • University of St. Andrew's (Scotland)

Frequently Asked Questions

At Roberts, we design our online programs to fit your schedule so you can still enjoy the things you love most in life. We’ve been offering online courses for more than 20 years, so you can be assured that we provide a quality education through this delivery format. Our online courses are asynchronous, allowing you to complete the assignments when you have time throughout the week, while meeting regular deadlines for work. Instead of regular, in-person class sessions, you will follow a weekly rhythm of reading, watching videos from your instructor, and participating in online discussions to connect with classmates and deepen your learning experience. Through your online course pages, you will have access to all the resources you need to be successful, including the Golisano Library, the Learning Center, and IT support.

Business management is an approach to better work. Business managers set strategic goals for an organization. They work with individual employees to carry out specific assignments that lead towards one cohesive goal.

You’ll do more than lead the day-to-day operations of a team or department. Business management combines an understanding of the business world with an understanding of people. You'll learn how to motivate people to work toward a common goal.

The business landscape is shifting rapidly. Organizations are looking for managers who can help them respond to industry and workforce changes.

Business Managers find work across many fields, including corporate environments, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

This degree offers a unique combination of business knowledge and skills. It can help you prepare to lead an organization through a changing business landscape. It offers a foundation of general education and business courses. This learning is supplemented by management and leadership classes online or in the classroom.

Core business courses explore topics, including:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Business Analysis
  • Finance
  • Human Relations
  • Operations Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Research Process
  • Project Management
  • Ethical Decision Making

Additionally, critical thinking, problem-solving, analysis, and communication are also skills that are reinforced throughout the curriculum. 

Online or in-person courses will explore skills, group dynamics, organizational structure, change management, and more. You'll learn how to think strategically, identify future innovations and opportunities and develop potential in others.

Business Management is a great field of work for those who dream of making an impact on a future organization. These people enjoy helping groups of people work toward a common goal by applying their skills in practice.

Your skills can be applied to a wide variety of jobs. Jobs for management occupations are projected to grow 5% between 2019 and 2029 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Training and development managers will see 7% job growth over the same time period. Administrative services managers, who oversee the overall function and success of a department or organization, are projected to see 6% job growth by 2029.

Jobs in this field are available across many industries. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, management occupations saw a median salary of $105,660 in May 2019 Depending on your specific role, salary potential can vary.

Additionally, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has shown that marketing managers earned a median salary of $136,850 and public relations managers earned a median salary of $116,180. Human resources managers earned a median salary of $116,720, while training and development managers earned a median salary of $113,350. Additionally, operations managers earned a median annual salary of $100,780 and administrative services managers earned a median salary of $96,940.

An individual's education and experience can also affect their salary. Many jobs require only a bachelor of science in business management or a related field. Some top positions may require a master’s degree.

A master’s degree could bring more career opportunities and higher pay. In 2019, workers with master’s degrees earned 20% more than workers with bachelor’s degrees.

At Roberts Wesleyan College, there are two graduate-level management degree options that can help advance a management career and boost earning potential - Strategic Marketing, M.S. and Strategic Leadership, M.S.L.

A management degree is a credential that is versatile and can be applied to just about any industry, organization, or government agency. As the business landscape continues to evolve, managers with experience in organizational change management are sought after by companies across many different industries. 

Business Managers are in high demand across many different industries, including:

  • Public and private sectors
  • For-profit and not-for-profit realms
  • Centralized and decentralized institutions
  • New startups and global conglomerates

This bachelor's degree offers a unique combination of business and management skills that can be used in positions, like:

  • Administrative services manager
  • Advertising, promotions, and marketing manager
  • Compensation and benefits manager
  • Financial manager
  • Human resources manager
  • Industrial production manager
  • Operations and supply chain manager
  • Public relations and fundraising manager
  • Training and development manager
  • General and operations manager

No matter what your interests, you can use your skills to help move a team of people or an entire organization forward toward a common goal and vision for the future.

Almost all students that have made the choice to enter this program have graduated from Roberts Wesleyan College, improved their vocational career prospects and/or gone on to graduate programs. Graduates from Roberts Wesleyan College have acquired the knowledge and learning experiences necessary to advance their personal and professional development to stay competitive in today’s working environment.

You may be able to apply approved transfer credits from previous accredited colleges or universities toward your bachelor’s degree - a minimum of 60 credits are required to begin your Business Management major. The Business Management courses will take 12-24 months (full-time or part-time) combined with any past transfer credits and any additional credits needed to satisfy the 124 credits required to complete a bachelor’s degree from Roberts Wesleyan College. Before you enter the program, an academic advisor will assess your current academic status and create a custom degree audit designed for your unique situation. Your degree audit will clearly explain what additional credits you might need in addition to the 37 credits earned in the Business Management program to achieve the 124 credits needed to earn your bachelor’s degree at Roberts. The total time to earn your bachelor’s degree will vary depending on how many additional credits you need to earn. NOTE: there are several ways to satisfy these additional credits that your advisor will develop into a custom plan for degree completion for you.

At Roberts Wesleyan College, faculty are always ready to help students with questions about career advisement, but overall advising is done by a dedicated, non-faculty program advisor who will help them stay on track to graduate. NOTE: advisors assist students with the sequencing of courses, transfer credit evaluation, military transcript evaluation, DSST/CLEP exams, assessment of life-long learning for credit, and more.

We are committed to helping students meet the financial obligation to earn a degree and advance a career. Our Office of Student Financial Services works to assist all students in their effort to maximize financial aid. We award financial assistance to over 75% of bachelor's completion and graduate students, which includes Federal and NYS aid. Additionally, Corporate Partners can save 25% off tuition - learn how!

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