What Our Grads Say

Lisa Kyper Frederes

As a grad from RWC, I am so proud of the program that I was trained in and how established it is today. Please send my blessing to Dr. Repass and the School Psychology team. As the district school psychologist, I have developed many programs and standardized means of collecting and sharing data to drive our instruction. We conduct play based assessments with younger children and utilize RtI as a framework in order to maximize our students’ potential. There are numerous layers of support for the students and community members. We need qualified and eager school psychologists in this area. If anyone is interested, please contact me :-)

Our area is now host to Regional Qualifying Games for the Special Olympics!! The athletes participated in State Games last spring and demonstrated sportsmanship and athleticism. Also, we just finished our second annual Polar Plunge! It was a great success. Other news- I got married in April of 2011. I love being married to my best friend!

Lisa is employed as the Lead School Psychologist with the Hertford County Public Schools in North Carolina.

Tonie Cowen, MS Ed., LMHC
Drug Treatment Specialist, United States Penitentiary Lee County

I was very excited to read about the collaboration of the Psychology and Criminal Justice Departments happening at Roberts (Correctional Counseling). I majored in psychology and minored in criminal justice at RWC. Taking this moment to think back over my 14 year career, I know that it would have been more difficult without the duel focus background. I took the Psych/CJ track by mere happenstance, so I am glad future students will gain this combination more intentionally. I believe it is unlikely that a professional could function well in either field without the knowledge of the other. I can easily back my beliefs through my current situation as a counselor in a correctional setting. Frankly, I don't believe that law enforcement should be put on the job without counseling and psychology knowledge. Without this kind of educational base, the knowledge is gained in a far more difficult manner over time. I have found the same to be true for the reverse situation, because of my previous experience in community treatment, where I experienced the benefits of my criminal justice knowledge. Psychology and Criminal Justice are far too linked in our society not to be attended to. I hope to see this collaboration expand in the future. The CJ/Campus Security venture seems like a wonderful idea. I am glad to see that Dr. Bassett and Professor Hallman are still at Roberts!

Al Pedrotti, Class of '74 

I am very impressed with the Psychology program and very happy to learn that RWC now offers a masters in school counseling. All the professors and assistant professors look so young! I graduated in the Class of '74. What a difference in the program between then & now.

I greatly admire all of you who have gone on to obtain PhD's. After graduation, I went to Syracuse University School of Education for an MS Ed major in Counseling & Guidance (1975). I did 39 Semester hours and obtained my professional certificate for school counseling. I didn't find a position as a school counselor, but I did find a job working as a claims rep for The Hartford who provided a great deal of training and further formal education in the business of law, insurance contracts and investigation. I never went back for my permanent certification. Due to corporate "downsizing", I've been to work for Commercial Union Ins. Co, then Royal Insurance, and now CNA. I now work for the HealthPro Division of CNA handling Medical Malpractice investigations. I investigate medical malpractice actions brought vs MD's, nurses, chiropractors, physical & occupational therapists and counselors.

It's a good example of keeping your options open and not to give up on your dreams. Just because the market for your chosen occupation or field is not open right now does not mean that the market will not change and opportunities may arise in the future.

Sarah Luczak, School Counselor
Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center 

I work in West Virginia as a school counselor/work base coordinator at the Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center. This is a vocational technology center for high school students and adults. There are two different high schools that come to our centers, mostly 11th and 12th graders. I also coordinate the Student Assistance Team (SAT). I am a GED Chief Examiner, and test once a month at the Career Center. I am also the faculty senate treasurer, and a member of the Local School Improvement Committee. I am considering taking some administrative courses next year at Salem International University, just to open up a few more doors for the future.    

Krista M. Damann, Ph.D.

Dear RWC,

My name is Krista Damann and I graduated from Roberts in 2000. I earned my PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University at Albany in 2007, and completed a 2 year post-doctoral fellowship in neuropsychology in 2009. I recently passed the oral exam required to complete my board certification in clinical neuropsychology through the American Board of Professional Psychology. I just relocated back to the Rochester area, and will be working as a neuropsychologist at Unity Hospital. I am excited to see the psychology Facebook page for Roberts!

Katelyn J. Scott, RWC ‘08 


I'm a 2008 psychology/communication graduate of RWC. I graduated in May 2011 with my Masters in Mental Health Counseling from the U of R and am currently employed as a Primary Therapist at Rochester Mental Health. I am loving my first job as a therapist and am truly enjoying FINALLY being able to do what I've been going to school for, for so long!

Stephen Doan
Clutter 2 Clockwork Professional Organizing 

Dear Roberts Psychology Staff,

After two years working at Heritage Christian Services and one year teaching English in Wrocław, Poland, I have launched my own business here in Rochester as a professional organizer. As a consultant to individuals and small business owners, I help them de-clutter their workspaces by creating systems of organization that are tailored to meet their specific needs. My goal is to help them reduce time spent looking for misplaced documents, tools, computer files, and the like and allow them to focus their energies on their productivity.

As a psychology student at Roberts, I learned a lot about how various people function, relate to each other and see the world. This understanding is quite valuable in my field, so I am grateful for having studied there. Thank you once again for staying in contact with us RWC graduates.