What Our Grads Say

Corey Phillips, '13

Three weeks into the clinical psychology Ph. D program at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas (UNLV), I am feeling the heat--and I don't mean the triple digit temperatures (only a slight climate change from North Chili). Though I thought the time management skills I learned playing volleyball at Roberts would serve me well in graduate school, each night when I get home I wonder why there are not a few more hours in the day. It is taking some time to adjust to the multiple pulls of the scientist-practitioner model, but the program does not wait. I am already working on multiple publications, doing clinical work on an RCT, and taking four classes. The workload is intense, and the expectations are so much different than in undergraduate coursework, but I am so happy to be in a program where I am able to integrate my passion for athletics into my clinical curriculum. I already have a great deal of support for my research ideas surrounding interventions with injured athletes and improving return-to-sport outcomes. Despite the support, the shock of what the clinical Ph. D program demands is renewed each day. I find myself facing the constant creeping fear that someone will point at me one day and say, "What are you doing here, imposter?"  I hear that those thoughts are pretty common amongst my fellow clinicians-in-training. Despite the stresses, each day I find that the foundation I learned in the psychology department at Roberts Wesleyan College provided me with all the stepping stones I need to begin this dimension of my professional training. Assessment with Dr. Repass gave me the basics of the WISC and other assessment tools (which I am already preparing to administer), counseling with Dr. Aube provided me with a valuable clinical foundation, Dr. Bassett passed on the essentials of research, and Dr. Grimm provided priceless guidance in the application and preparation process. I am very thankful for the lessons I learned and for the individuals who shaped my path.



Ashellee Spears, '15

My name is Ashellee Spears and I am currently in the Roberts Wesleyan Masters of Social Work Program with a concentration of Mental Health. My experience as an RWC Psych undergrad allowed me to experience the beautiful complexity of who we are on a much greater level. It is aweing in a sense to observe what an individual is capable of either positive or negatively when it comes to the functions of the mind. The more in depth you learn about the cause and effects of the human psyche the more God's wondrous yet complex nature is slowly revealed”.

Krista M. Damann, Ph.D., '00

My name is Krista Damann and I graduated from Roberts in 2000. I earned my PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University at Albany in 2007, and completed a 2 year post-doctoral fellowship in neuropsychology in 2009. I recently passed the oral exam required to complete my board certification in clinical neuropsychology through the American Board of Professional Psychology. I just relocated back to the Rochester area, and will be working as a neuropsychologist at Unity Hospital. I am excited to see the psychology Facebook page for Roberts!

Katelyn J. Scott, ‘08

I'm a 2008 psychology/communication graduate of RWC. I graduated in May 2011 with my Masters in Mental Health Counseling from the U of R and am currently employed as a Primary Therapist at Rochester Mental Health. I am loving my first job as a therapist and am truly enjoying FINALLY being able to do what I've been going to school for, for so long!


Brittanee N. Jaquish, '15

Hello. My name is Brittanee Jaquish and I graduated with a bachelor’s of Psychology in December, 2015. Post-graduation I was hired full time working at a hand on play center for kids. After just three months, I have been promoted to the Assistant Manager and get the joy of working with children daily. During my undergraduate studies, I had the opportunity to learn more about my passion of working with children. Every class is full of passion, care, understanding and faith within the field. Based on my experience, my classes and the professors, my passion of working as a School Counselor grew dramatically during my undergraduate studies. I will be furthering my education at Roberts to earn my Masters of School Counseling starting in the Fall of 2016. Roberts has held a dear place in my heart as the community feeling makes me feel that I am at home. I hope to use the wisdom and guidance I have gained through Roberts to help students in the schools see what they are capable of just as Roberts has shown me