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Freshman Nursing Direct Entry

You may be asking, “How can I be sure I’ll be accepted into the Nursing Major?” Traditionally, colleges and universities across North America do not accept students into the Nursing major until after their sophomore year of college. Some students even find themselves on a waiting list because their school has a shortage of clinical spots.

At Roberts, we offer exceptional incoming freshmen direct entry into the Nursing major.

This means you won’t need to wait until your sophomore year to apply to the major and find out if you’re in the program. You can be sure you’ll be in one of today’s most exciting majors as a freshman.

Eligible candidates must still fulfill the necessary class and academic requirements in the years leading up to their Junior year.

How do I receive direct entry as a freshman Nursing student?

Roberts provides direct entry into the Nursing program for freshmen who are regularly admitted into Roberts and have a B- or 80 or better in two years of high school science & math courses. You will be notified by postal mail shortly after your acceptance if you are eligible for Nursing direct entry.

How do get into the Nursing major if I don't receive direct entry?

A student admitted who received below a B- or 80 in two years of high school science and math will not be granted direct entry to Nursing at the time of admission.

How do I maintain my direct entry status to the Nursing major?

Any regularly admitted Nursing student will be required to maintain a 2.75 cumulative GPA, 2.75 science GPA, and a 2.75 Nursing GPA at Roberts Wesleyan College to be in the Nursing program.

Additionally, these expectations are required:

  • Maintain the behavioral, professional, and technical standards as outlined in the Handbook for Traditional Nursing Students
  • You must have been at Roberts for your freshman and sophomore years



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