What Our Grads Do

Graduates from our International Business program have been hired at numerous for profit and non-profit organizations, locally and globally, leading to diverse career opportunities.

Take a look at what some of our recent graduates are up to:

CompanyJob Title
Graduation Year
Roberts Wesleyan CollegeAdmissions Counselor
Fiege (Bayern, Germany)Key Logistics Manager

"Roberts Wesleyan College was where I found my faith and gained family, learned valuable skills, and discovered passions - all of which have shaped my life tremendously. My career path would look completely different if it weren't for Roberts Wesleyan. Currently, I live and work in Guatemala

The undergraduate business program, and more specifically, the Enactus team along with professors Carrie and Erv Starr, challenged me to leave my comfort zone, become a leader, and ultimately, begin a life in Huehuetenango, Guatemala." - Mark Zoccali '13

Lee Ann Hess Alumni

"The International Business program at Roberts taught me in four years the skills needed to learn how to adapt myself to other cultural norms, push through adversity and create the most impact in the communities that I already am in.

As a child, I was always had big dreams on how I could make an impact globally, but this program helped me pinpoint the actions steps. This program stretched me spiritually, mentally and academically and also built a strong foundation for my future international career.

One of the requirements of the International Business major is to study abroad for a semester. This experience opened me to a culture that was not my own and gave me another point of view. This program and the Enactus team developed me into a better candidate for a position in an organization that has an acceptance rate of around 25%. I could not have chosen a better program." - Lee Ana Hess '16