ACC 201Principles of Accounting I (3)CSC 130Intro to Mgmnt Info Systems (3)
ACC 201LPrin of Accounting I Lab (1)ECN 202Prin of Macroeconomics (3)
ACC 202Principles of Accounting II (3)ECN 205Personal Economics (3)
ACC 202LPrin of Accounting II Lab (1)CSC 103Spreadsheets (Excel) (1)
BUA 101Introduction to Business (3)MGT 201Prin of Mgmt & Social Entrp (3)
BUA 210Business Law I (3)MGT 420Strategic Management (3)
BUA 321Corporate Finance (3)MKT 201Principles of Marketing (3)
BUA 380International Business (3)MTH 200Statistics (3)
BUA 341The Leadership Challenge (3)ECN 333
Economic Development (3)
GEO 201
Cultural Geography (3)INB 325
Business Internship Prep (1)
INB 450
Internship Experience (2)