International Business

The International Business major emphasizes different aspects of culture such as language, religion, political, and economic systems, and social structure, while incorporating an international experience component.

Program Highlights


Participate in field work/internships locally or nationally. 


Learn outside the classroom when you study abroad for a semester in a different country


Be a part of an organization that is challenging the status quo in Rochester and beyond  

B.S. Program Credits: 125

General Education:B.S. 60

Major/Concentration: B.S. 65

Standard Completion Time
Four Year Program


What Will I Learn?

You will take courses in core business disciplines such as management, accounting, marketing, finance, economics, and information systems. You will be prepared for the global marketplace by learning in-depth knowledge of various international dimensions of business.

Where Can It Take Me?


  • Eurocopter Germany: Administration and Operations
  • Lithuanian Christian College: Event Planning and Project Management.
  • Rehema Home: Marketing and Public Relations
  • Ibero-American Action League: Accounting


  • Roberts Wesleyan College: Admissions Counselor
  • Fiege(Bayern, Germany): Key Logistics Manager 

Grad Schools

  • Roberts Wesleyan College

Alumni Success

Mark Zoccali '13

Volunteer & Merchandise Coordinator, Story International in Guatemala

Agustin Rodriguez

Agustin Rodriguez '14

Member Service Representative, ESL Federal Credit Union

Who Will I Meet?


Dr. Ervin Starr, Professor of Management & Social Entrepreneurship

Dr. Ervin Starr has been actively involved in small business development, ownership, and executive coaching in the US and abroad. Currently he is working in Guatemala, and with companies in the US.  And is an active owner in two private companies. A faculty in our School of Business since 2001, Dr. Starr is the Director of Undergraduate Business. He has traveled to over 25 countries, including student trips led to Guatemala, India, and Europe (UK, France, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Switzerland, Germany, and Lichtenstein).  Along with his wife, Professor Carrie Starr, they have authored two books on Marriage and Finances. Dr. Starr has helped lead a national recognized Enactus team and traveled to several world cup events for Enactus (including Beijing, China in 2015). A love of peoples and cultures has fueled his work in International Business. Including the development and business investment work he has been part of for over 2 decades.


Joel Kreider, International Business '17

"My time at Roberts has caused me to flourish and become a more well-rounded person. I have been challenged intellectually and also in my character. Although I already had a love for travel and culture, the professors have fueled my love for business as well as my understanding of it. Roberts has gone beyond my expectations in training and equipping me to pursue my calling and passions."




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