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What Our Grads Say

Amy Foley, Graduate student, Department of English, University of Rhode Island

The English program at Roberts was both formative and foundational for research and teaching in my masters and doctoral work in Literature and Cultural Studies.  The English and Humanities faculty were not only infinitely caring, encouraging, and available, but also dedicated to the study of literature and writing.  Coursework at Roberts in American and British literature, Shakespeare, Chaucer, and Milton gave me an essential understanding of Western literary traditions and theory.  While offering traditional courses, faculty also taught more diverse and less canonized literary topics, such as Hemingway, Eco-writing, Wole Soyinka, and Native American literature.  The faculty at Roberts encourage interdisciplinary thinking, reading, and writing.  Their critical rigor and passion for the written word inspired me to pursue my own way of illuminating texts.  I carry with me their personal and intellectual generosity as I take on new challenges in this rewarding field.

Beka Watts


When I decided to change my major from Elementary Education to English in the second semester of my junior year, I thought I was taking a huge leap of faith. What I was actually doing, however, was taking the first step onto a path that would lead more of the same: more risk, more adventure, more following unconventional pursuits. With my English degree in hand, I've been able to walk a post-graduate path of great variety, directed by passion, in pursuit of using the creative gifts I've been given in a meaningful context. Rarely has that led to the type of job security innate to many other career choices, but it has led to an immensely fulfilling (and lengthy) resume of colorful experiences. My English degree from Roberts gave me the skills I needed to obtain the jobs I wanted. Perhaps of greater worth, it gave me the confidence I needed to pursue them in the first place.