What Our Grads Say

'11 ECI Graduate, Richard Smith

“The accounting concepts and criminal justice theory I learned as an ECI Major at Roberts have provided me the foundation for my career, however, the computer science and data security aspect encapsulates the future and has provided me the tools to contribute immediately and advance rapidly.”

Richard Smith, Banking Risk Supervisor at Paychex, Inc.

'15 ECI Graduate, Bobbi Paternico

Bobbi Paternico When I came to Roberts in the fall of 2011, my plan was to major in Accounting and Information Management (AIM) and finish my coursework in 3.5 years. When registering for what I thought would be my final Spring semester, I sat with my AIM advisor Dr. Barlow and we discussed some different options I had available. One of the options he presented was to double major in AIM and Economic Crime Investigation (ECI). Dr. Barlow believed that double majoring would expand my knowledge base, providing me with a unique skill set.  I ultimately made the decision to stay at Roberts a full 4 years and double major, which I quickly realized was the right choice for me.

My ECI advisor, Professor Trask was extremely helpful and sat with me on many occasions so that we could ensure I completed the degree within a year and a half. My ECI professors challenged me to approach situations from a different point of view and forced me to realize that real world situations cannot always be approached from a dollar and cents perspective or summed in a journal entry. Specifically, one class that was of great value to me and is easily applicable to real world situations was Ethical Practices in the Criminal Justice System. Professor Concordia encouraged classroom discussions, was dedicated to understanding how his students learned best, and challenged us to take positions that were sometimes different than our own. In addition, Dr. Bassett’s Research Methods course helped me to further develop my critical thinking, research, and data analysis skills.

When I started my internship with The Office of Public Integrity for the City of Rochester, I was able to apply the transferable skills I acquired and enhanced as a double major at Roberts. Throughout the next six months, I conducted research and analysis in support of administrative and criminal investigations, took part in contract compliance audits, prepared and compiled requested information and documentation to assist external auditors in their review of the City, and assisted the audit or investigative team when requested.  Now that I recently became a Field Auditor for the Office of Public Integrity, I am participating in the compilation of working papers for contract audits, able to make site visits to gather and confirm data, and learning more about other City departments.

I cannot help but think that my double major in AIM and ECI helped me to receive the internship opportunities that I have had; including the one with the Office of Public Integrity, which ultimately lead to a permanent position. Beyond the excellent opportunities that I have received, these internships have also introduced me to a number of individuals who have: a wealth of business industry knowledge, taken the time to help me determine the path I would like to pursue, and who I appreciate and respect greatly.

Therefore, I would highly recommend Roberts Wesleyan College and I would encourage AIM majors to consider majoring in ECI as well.