What Our Grads Say

Emily Lavell '12


Roberts helped prepare me for being a leader to both my students and colleagues; inspiring them to reach their fullest potential each and every day.

Melissa Baker '13


My name is Melissa Baker. I graduated from Roberts in May 2013, with a degree in Early Childhood/Special Education. I currently teach Universal Pre-Kindergarten/Head Start in Troupsburg, NY.

Growing up in a small town, about two hours away from Roberts, I was extremely nervous about attending college. I chose Roberts because it had everything that I was looking for; a community of supportive Christians, rigorous academic programs, and small class sizes. Both my undergraduate and graduate experiences were extremely positive. I enjoyed the content discussed in class and felt like it directly related to my future job as an early childhood educator. What I found unique about Roberts was that the professors truly cared about your success, both as a student and as a person. While I was able to learn various types of content presented in class, I initially struggled with feeling confident as a teacher. My professors took the time to meet with me individually and provided positive feedback in areas that I felt the least confident in. I still carry these words of wisdom with me as I teach my Pre-K students. I would not be the teacher, or person, that I am today if I had not gone to Roberts Wesleyan.

My advice to current students would be to take advantage of your time in both the college classroom setting and various teaching placements you receive. I still put into practice many of the routines and curriculum themes that I learned from my master teachers. Also, rest -assured that when you graduate from Roberts, you will be prepared to enter the field of education. Furthermore, even after graduation, the education program will still be there to support you in whatever you may need.