Criminal Justice

The Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice provides an opportunity for students to prepare for service, as well as for graduate study, in the large and growing field of criminal justice or in related fields. The degree program is based upon a broad liberal-based educational model to fulfill the objectives of educating the whole person for responsible citizenship, of understanding the interdisciplinary nature of the field, and of developing a comprehensive understanding of crime and of the criminal justice system within an analytical and conceptual framework.

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The Criminal Justice major prepares students for entry-level positions in the field, including the areas of judicial services, law enforcement, Homeland Security, private security, probation services for both adults and juveniles, correctional institutions and programs, parole supervision of adults and juveniles, victim assistance programs, and community-based rehabilitation agencies.

Employment opportunities have evidenced constant growth in recent years and may be found at the local, state, or federal government levels which administer these programs. Some students major in Criminal Justice as preparation for law school or entry into other graduate programs leading to a career in teaching and/or research.

The Criminal Justice Program at Roberts Wesleyan College is taught from a Restorative Justice perspective. Restorative justice sees crime as a violation of people and relationships. Crime creates obligations. The needs of the victim, the offender AND the community need to be addressed. Restorative justice considers matters of accountability and reconciliation.


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