Computer Science Minor

Roberts blends a solid background in the technical disciplines of Computer Science with a foundation in the Liberal Arts, including the skills needed to communicate effectively and understand the global marketplace.
The requirements for a computer science minor consists of
  • 20 semester hours in computer science excluding CSC 101, 103, 104, and 108.
  • The program must include CSC 140, 145, 245, and 250.
  • The minor may include MTH 270 as part of the program.
  • The program must include at least one 3-hour 300- or 400-level computer science course.

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The courses are designed to teach the core elements you will carry with you your whole life, not specifics that are out of date in two years. You get an education that will last a lifetime, not just until the next product cycle.
Scott Newton, ’04

Faculty Contact: Dr. Robert Willhoft


Smith Hall

Phone: 585-594-6310