What Our Grads Say

"Being a Communication major has been beyond helpful in preparing me for law school.  I don't think any other major could have better prepared me for the work load, expectations, or atmosphere at law school [Univ. Buffalo]." Diane Meldrim, 2005, graduate of University of Buffalo Law School 

"My CMC degree taught me critical analysis that can be used anywhere.  I was equipped in two ways.  1. I had the skills to do the job, and 2. I had the skills to get the job.  I learned about community organizing at RWC and put it into action there in internships and Habitat for Humanity.  I now live in Washington, D.C. and work on behalf of those in need in our Nation's Capital, as Director of Development for 'Bread for the City.'" Kristin Valentine, 2003, Chief Development Officer, Bread for the City, Washington, DC

"The Communication Program helped me learn how to think and provided me with tools to be the sort of person I desired to be.  I had a distinct advantage as I pursued graduate study and responded to God's call on my life." A.J. Thomas, 2002, graduate of Duke Divinity School, Senior Pastor, St. Paul United Methodist Church, Charlotte, NC.

“There are a few things I had to leave Roberts to learn. Share these with your secretly concerned Communication majors who are always wondering about the pragmatic question: "What will I do with a communication degree!?"  I have done nothing since leaving graduation where I have not found my education to be relevant.  Constantly, things I learned in Communication classes are popping up within inches of my face, reminding me of their utility and sublimity.  I am haunted now not by the question of what will I do with a Communication degree, but rather where would I be without that degree? And constantly, I see people who are struggling with relationships, and it is MUCH too often that I think to myself, "there is a Communication theory . . .  that, if correctly applied, would alleviate your pains... If only, if only."  And then I am reminded to see my world from another perspective, and I practice a bit of impiety to my sources [a term from the study of rhetoric] in order to seek the connection between myself and the Other.” C.J. Dates, 2009, Director of Children's Ministry, Jacksonville Beach, FL

"The Communication major provided me with a challenging and enriching environment in
which to hone my thinking skills and learn to ask good questions. In an ever-changing world where many job skills become outdated within a few years, the ability to think clearly and critically is the ultimate transferable skill." Greg Coles, 2012, Graduate Student at Penn State University