Frequently Asked Questions

Is this major just about giving speeches or media or journalism?

Definitely not! We believe that human communication is at the center of the discipline, and that’s where you will be grounded. However, we encourage the pursuit of multiple interests in many fields of study! Students interested in the communications industry go on to careers in media, journalism, and other related fields. But check the list of what our majors are doing (our graduates), and you will see that we have subject-area concentrations to address wide-ranging interests.

I have lots of interests; can I study more than one thing?

Definitely! The major actually requires a Concentration in one of your other areas of interest. In fact, we encourage you to pursue electives, multiple concentrations, a minor, or even a double major. Whether your interests lie in the arts or business, the humanities or theology, the social sciences or pre-professional studies - Communication Studies will lay a strong foundation.  

What if I’m undeclared?

Wonderful! One of the reasons Communication at Roberts Wesleyan is such a great major is that you don’t have to come with the entirety of your life all figured out. Take your time AND make progress while you study. Many college students are not sure what major or profession is best for them, and most change their minds at least once. You will not be “spinning your wheels” if you take a year or more to choose your major. Come. Explore. Consider a highly versatile Communication major that can adapt to your changing interests while providing learning experiences and skills and that will serve you well whatever you do in the future.

Is it possible to create my own concentration?

Absolutely! Work with your advisor and the Communication Department to design a Concentration that makes sense to you. Music business? Sports management? Public relations? Speech pathology? If you can envision it, we can help you build it. 

Will I be able to study abroad if I major in Communication?

Most certainly. Communication majors have studied in many countries; e.g., Austria, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Egypt, Uganda, England, Israel, Spain, and the Czech Republic. Even your professors have studied abroad (Kenya)! Study abroad may mean a “course on location” for a couple weeks in Greece or England or..., a summer overseas, or an entire semester abroad. Roberts has wonderful global connections (Roberts Global Education), and you may also consider other study-abroad opportunities. While you can study abroad at any time, you'll find the professors helpful as you consider the best programs, as well as the best timing, for you. And after you graduate? Recent graduates have served and taught in Japan, Korea, Russia, and Ukraine -- and have served in the U.S. with AmeriCorps and with the Peace Corps in Moldova and Tanzania. 

What kinds of internships are available?

Because we live so close to Rochester, a significant white collar city recently named an Innovation Capital, there are endless opportunities for professional internships. Recent internship placements in advertising, marketing, media, ministry, public relations, writing, etc., include:

  • Advertising/Marketing: Concentrix, Dixon Schwabl, Premier HRSolutions
  • Arts and Literature: BOA Editions, Ltd., Eastman Sibley Music Library, George Eastman House, Dryden Theatre, Rochester Broadway Theatre League, Rochester Museum and Science Center, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Broadcasting: WXXI Public Radio/Television, 13WHAM TV, WROC
  • Government/public service: Congresswoman Louise Slaughter's Rochester Office, District Attorney's Office, Rochester City Hall
  • Journalism: Batavia Daily NewsMessenger Post Newspapers, Rochester Woman Magazine
  • Service and Education: American Red Cross/United Way, area churches, AIDS Rochester, Catholic Family Center, Make-A-Wish Foundation, public school library, Northeastern Seminary, Visiting Nurse Service, Volunteers of America

Add myriad business, political, non-profit, and other professional opportunities in western New York, and you can see that there are places here for you to get the experience you need. (A number of graduates have been hired where they "interned"!)