Concentrations (minimum of 6 courses) add academic breadth to the richness of the Communication Major.

Related to students' multiple interests, typical concentrations, and sample applications, include: 


  • Prepares for leadership in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations
  • Fits well with CMC Public Relations and Human Resources interests

Computer Science

  • Strengthens knowledge of today’s modes of interaction

History (concentration or double major) or Pre-Law

  • Is ideal for students entering public service, cultural studies, grad school
  • Adds specific emphases to grounding in written/oral Communication and critical thinking for students contemplating Law School 

Language & Literature (concentration or double major)

  • Contributes to careers in journalism, writing, publications
  • Helps prepare for graduate study in rhetoric, literature, humanities

Media Studies

  • Provides hands-on experience applicable to wide range of media
  • Includes both theoretical and practical aspects of media today


  • Introduces students to range of ministerial roles
  • Adds helpful background for graduate study in Ministry

Music (concentration or double major)

  • Underscores multiplicity and interconnectedness of human expression
  • Serves well in pursuing participation/leadership in arts organizations

Psychology (concentration or double major) or Social Science

  • Strengthens understanding of human beings in relationship and culture
  • Prepares for counseling-related interaction and graduate study

Religion & Philosophy

  • Provides theological and analytic perspectives
  • Adds preparation for seminary studies

Visual Arts

  • Examines interdisciplinary aspects of Communication and the Arts
  • Strengthens visual-rhetorical connections and applications

Additional Concentrations may be developed in consultation with the CMC Department (e.g., Criminal Justice, Spanish, Women’s Studies).