The Communication Program at Roberts is comprised of three main components:

#1 Christian Liberal Arts

You will take general education coursework to ensure that you are well-rounded. We do not just train technicians at RWC; we help nurture human beings! God is the author of all of creation, and studying all of creation helps us know God! To this end, you will take courses in subjects like science, art, history, literature, psychology, music, and, of course, Bible and theology.

#2 Your Communication Coursework

You will take a series of core and elective courses in Communication and complete a Senior Internship. Our goals? That:

  • You know the center of our discipline: communication theory, rhetoric, persuasion, media, communication ethics, and the like.    
  • You have a broad sampling of the discipline according to your interests: study areas like gender communication, public relations, argumentation and debate, organizational communication, or cross-cultural communication.                
  • You have a comprehensive communication skill set in writing, speaking, and media.
  • You have professional work experience and a résumé that reflects your abilities and special interests.

#3 Your Concentration

This is the part of your program that really sets your degree (and our program) apart. You get to choose an area of interest outside of the discipline to enrich your Communication degree.  We have a standard set of concentrations in:

  • Business/Marketing/Advertising
  • Visual Arts/Design
  • Ministry/Biblical Studies
  • History
  • Pre-law
  • Digital Media
  • Music
  • Literature

OR you can work with your advisor and the Communication Department to create your own concentration (e.g., criminal justice, Spanish, women's studies).


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