Adolescence Education & Students with Disabilities 7-12 Generalist

The Adolescence Education program leads to initial certification in the major for grades 7-12 with an extension for grades 5-6. Our comprehensive programs emphasize practical, hands-on learning including field experiences in area classrooms where students observe, participate and refine effective teaching methods.

Courses include:

  • Teaching content to students with disabilities
  • Training in Identification and Reporting of Child Abuse and Maltreatment
  • Training in School Violence Prevention and Intervention.

Students pursuing dual certification must complete 150 hours of fieldwork, called observation-participation experience (OPE).

Specific General Education and Content Core courses are required for use in your program depending on your major. Please refer to the Teacher Education Department for a comprehensive list of requirements for the degree.

The undergraduate program leads to initial teaching certification in one of the following subject areas

The Adolescence Education program requires a total of 124-144 semester hours, including the following: General Education (37-52 semester hours) Pedagogical Core Courses (41 semester hours) Content Core Courses (35-54 semester hours) for more information about content area see individual program pages.



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