Adolescence Education & Students with Disabilities 7-12 Generalist (1)

The Adolescence Education program leads to initial certification in the major for grades 7-12 with an extension for grades 5-6 in your chosen content area. You also have the option of completing requirements for dual certification in Students with Disabilities 7-12 Generalists in addition to your content area (7 -12)

Program Highlights 


This major will prepare you for a career in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Health Care Professions, Chemical education or engineering, and biomedical engineering.


 Dialogue about key scientific issues and faith during our Faith and Science Lunch Discussions, Barnes Symposium, and select courses. Students also have opportunities to serve the community through the Math and Science Club.


Faculty are committed to the student’s success and are readily available for questions. The state-of-the-art facilities promote excellent lab and research experience.

Total Hours: 122-144

Liberal Arts Hrs: 37-52

Pedagogical Core Courses: 41 Hours

Content Core Courses: 35-54 hours

Standard Completion Time: Four Years

 Accreditation: CAEP

What Will I Learn?

Our comprehensive programs emphasize practical, hands-on learning including field experiences in area classrooms where you will observe, participate and refine effective teaching methods.

Courses include:

  • Teaching content to students with disabilities
  • Training in Identification and Reporting of Child Abuse and Maltreatment
  • Training in School Violence Prevention and Intervention.


Where Can It Take Me?

Student Teaching Placements

  • Churchville Chili
  • Rochester Prep Charter
  • Urban Choice Charter
  • Various Rochester City School District
  • Rush Henrietta
  • St. Lawrence Catholic School
  • Northstar Christian Academy
  • Canandaigua
  • St. Mary’s Catholic School
  • Leroy
  • Brighton
  • East Irondequoit
  • West Irondequoit
  • Fairport
  • Monroe 1 BOCES

Who Will I Meet?


Kristen Driskill, Ed.D., Assistant Professor of Education

Dr. Kristen Driskill has experience in literacy, special education, school improvement, and curriculum and instruction. She spent time as a special educator of grades Pre-K through 6, reading specialist for grades K-8, literacy coach for grades K-12, and professional development specialist for both teachers and administrators in a range of school districts. During her time at Roberts, Dr. Driskill has worked to update various programs to best reflect current practices in the field. In her spare time, Dr. Driskill enjoys spending time with her two daughters, dancing, reading, and traveling.


Elizabeth Volpe, English Adolescent Education '18

I love the teacher education department because it has done so much to prepare me for when I am a teacher. They demonstrate scaffolding, differentiation, and classroom management techniques. These professors have shown me how to become a better teacher by challenging me and encouraging me to reflect on my own development and knowledge. They have made learning relatable, fascinating, and fun.

The most influential part of my education has been participating in observation experiences, which allow me to practice what I am learning from my professors in an actual classroom with students. You learn so much more than just classroom discipline and content methods. These teachers also show you the logistics of teaching, such as grading and planning. The observation experience at Roberts really helps to prepare you for student teaching and your future career.

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