Student Testimonials

"ELI gives me a feeling of being at home. The teachers are very nice. They take care everything what confused me and they also are good friends with me. They taught me many things that I need to learn and help me to prepare college."
Luna S.

"This school's atmosphere is very good. This place is good to study. The teacher of ELI are very nice."
Mylee L.

"The English program was great. I have really good experiences from this program. I met new people from other countries; they were friendly, kind, and respectful. I learned a lot about their cultures and traditions…The teachers were very friendly and kind. They help us and push us so hard to make our language improve, also to be good students."
Roaa A.

"I enjoyed the field trips, that make me learn more and more. For example, when we went to the restaurant, I had to be brave enough to talk with normal people and order my food. I had great teachers and students as well, they were always friendly and kind with me. I loved that they motivated me and believed in me."
Nasser A.

"At first, I came here I was so nervous and sometimes I couldn’t understand their manners and kindness, but now I am immersed in their culture and life."
InHee J.