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The following are the courses offered at the ELI as well as the sequence of courses and levels. Please see information on example student schedules here and on level placement here.  Specific course goals by level can be found by clicking on the course title.

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English Language Pronunciation

Within this course, students develop knowledge of and skillful use of spoken English. Through a variety of pronunciation and speaking activities, students develop near Native English pronunciation as well as skills in discussions and conversations.

Academic Writing & Grammar

This course aims to help students develop presentation skills in the areas of academic writing and grammar. Students will broaden their understanding of the writing process in order to increase proficiency in the English Language as well as in their ability to use English for academic purposes. Students will also increase their knowledge and control of grammatical structures.

Academic Reading & Vocabulary

This course focuses on developing interpretive skills in the areas of academic reading and vocabulary. Students work to build their vocabulary, reading speed, and general comprehension of the English language through various texts and reading strategies focused on their ability to use English for academic purposes.

Academic Listening & Speaking

This course focuses on developing academic listening and speaking skills needed to succeed in college and university content courses, particularly those of academic presentational skills, interpersonal skills (i.e. group discussions and conversations), and interpretive skills (i.e. note-taking and listening comprehension), through an emphasis on both fluency and accuracy.

Cultural Conversations & Field Experiences

This course aims to develop conversational skills through the study of American Culture. Through the participation in weekly field experience trips, students are able to better understand cultural concepts as well as develop English vocabulary and conversational skills.  Students enroll in this course during their 1st and 2nd semester at the ELI. 

Skill Enhancement Courses

ELI Seminar 1

This weekly introductory seminar focuses on supporting students during their adjustment to American college life through topics of study like cultural shock. This course aims to provide students with academic and educational skills necessary to succeed. Students enroll in this course during their 1st semester at the ELI.

ELI Seminar 2

This weekly seminar course focuses on the integration of ELI students within the Roberts Wesleyan community through meetings and interviews with various members of the campus community. This course additionally aims to further academic and educational skills necessary to succeed in American college life. Students enroll in this course during their 2nd semester at the ELI.

ELI Seminar 3

This weekly seminar provides ELI students with the opportunity to meet with a mentor, who provides academic and personal support while developing academic and educational skills needed. Students enroll in this course during all subsequent semesters at the ELI.

Academic Tutoring

Students enrolled at the ELI receive two hours of academic tutoring weekly in order to support them in both their English acquisition and academic growth.

  • Levels 1-4 students receive two hours of tutoring weekly.

Conversational Partners

  Students at the ELI work with conversational partners weekly in order to increase fluency and accuracy in conversational skills.

  • Levels 1-4 students receive 1 hour of conversational practice weekly

ESL 101 Course- Integrated Skills Course

This upper-level course focuses on the integration of language skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary) through the exploration of cultural content. Students will study US History and Culture in relation to global issues and challenges through varying course content while developing advanced level language skills and research abilities.

Audit Courses

Students enrolled at the English Language Institute are welcomed into coursework within the College as well. These audit courses provide students the opportunity to work side by side with their American colleagues, while studying topics of interest, preparing them for language, content, and academic expectations of matriculated students in their chosen field of study.

Credit Bearing Courses

Once a student has entered level 6 of the ELI, they enroll in all Credit Bearing Coursework in their field of study.  To meet the challenges of their enrollment, students jointly enroll in ESL 101, which supports students in all areas of language and academic skills as well as have access to mentors and tutors as needed.

Example Student Schedules

Example Class Schedule- Level 1-3

Example Class Schedule- Level 4

Example Class Schedule- Level 5

Example Class Schedule- Level 6

ELI Course Sequence

course sequence table

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[1] Conversation & Field Experience Course taken 1st and 2nd Semester Enrolled

[2] ELI Seminar 1 (first Semester); ELI Seminar 2 (Interview- Second Semester); ELI Seminar 3 (Mentoring- All additional Semesters)

[3] As of now, students in Level 6, will enroll in ELI seminar 3. In the future, students might work with a mentor provided by Rinker’s Global Scholar’s community service requirement.

[4] Tutors for Level 5 students are provided through the English Language Institute.

[5] Tutors for Level 6 students are provided through the Learning Center

[6] ESL 101 will cycle through 4 rotations (A-D). Course objectives will be the same, but course content will vary to meet the varying needs of students that will reenroll.

[7] Numbers in parentheses are the course credit numbers doubled. For ELI hour purposes, the course credit hour is doubled due to the compounded work faced by the students.

[8] Generally the first two audit courses will be Composition 101 and an entry level course in their field of study.

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