High School Dual Enrollment


Roberts Wesleyan College is excited to partner with high schools and homeschool groups for our dual-enrollment program. This program offers partnering schools the opportunity to have their approved faculty teach one or more of our established college courses to high school juniors and seniors who earn Roberts Wesleyan College credits at significantly reduced tuition rates. We are currently expanding this program to a select number of private schools in upstate New York that are open to offering their students the opportunity to enhance their academic experience while earning college credit in the familiar surroundings of their own high school.


Current School Partners:

  • Bishop Kearney (Rochester, NY)
  • The Charles Finney School (Rochester, NY)
  • Gates Chili High School (Rochester, NY)
  • Hudson Valley Consortium (Homeschool Consortium) (Latham, NY)
  • Houghton Academy (Houghton, NY)
  • Mekeel Christian Academy (Scotia, NY)
  • Northstar Christian Academy (Rochester, NY)
  • Loudonville Christian School
  • Monroe II BOCES – New Visions Program


  1. As our partner, your high school would provide the course instructor, who becomes a dual enrollment instructor, but continues to be paid as part of your school’s regular loading. Approved faculty are those who hold a Master’s degree in the dual enrollment course in question, or an area closely related area to the course they are teaching.

  2. Roberts would provide an established syllabus, registration / enrollment assistance, and faculty support (e.g., teaching our syllabus with our texts, submitting grades, etc.). Because instructional costs are covered as part of your teacher’s regular load, we can offer college credits to your students at a highly reduced rate, competitive with other area colleges offering dual enrollment/dual credit.

  3. Our current options for dual-credit offerings include introductory courses in:

  • Biology (4 credits)
  • Calculus I and II (4 credits)
  • Chemistry (4 credits)
  • College Writing (3 credits)
  • Computer Science I (3 credits)
  • Digital Media Art (3 credits)
  • Elementary Statistics (3 credits)
  • Environmental Science (4 credits)
  • Introduction to Business (3 credits)
  • Introduction to Computers and Applications (2 credits)
  • Introduction to Literature (3 credits)
  • Introduction to Visual Arts (2 credits)
  • Physics (4 credits)
  • Psychology (3 credits)
  • Writing and Research (3 credits)

However, we are open to working with your school to meet the interests and needs of your students and faculty. All dual-credit course offerings are subject to our course enrollment expectations and to a faculty credential review. We would be more than willing to offer these or other courses.

Homeschool Group Opportunities: If you are connected with a group of students, have teachers with Master’s level education, and want to offer courses for college credit, contact us at the e-mail address or telephone number below to discuss your options.

Contact Us:

For more detailed information please contact the Assistant Director of Dual Enrollment, Evangeline Kovach at kovach_evangeline@roberts.edu or (585) 594-6134.