Program Requirements

Students must maintain a cumulative 3.4 grade point average.

A minimum of 12 Honors elements is required for Program completion. Those elements include: Honors sections of general education courses, Honors Options within regular courses, Honors Options within the student’s academic major, and a Senior Honors Project.

General Education Courses
(the foundation of the Honors Program)

CMP 103H   Writing and Research (required first semester)
GED 100H First-Year Seminar (required first semester)
GED 401H Senior Seminar (required senior year)

Plus at least 3 of the following:

BIB 101H Old Testament Literature and Theology
CMC 101H Principles of Speech
FNA 101H Fine Arts Symposium
PHL 202H Philosophical and Ethical Issues

Courses outside the Major
Students may take additional three-hour courses for Honors credit by completing an Honors Option (in consultation with the Professor).

Courses within the Major
Students complete at least four Honors elements within their academic major, including at least two upper-division courses. (The Senior Honors Project may count as one of the four.)

Senior Honors Project
The Senior Honors Project, selected and prepared by students in consultation with a faculty Project Mentor, represents scholarly activity at the highest level of undergraduate study and culminates in a written Project Report/Thesis as well as an oral presentation.

Sampling of Honors Projects:
•  Beyond Black and White: The Rhetoric of Reconciliation
•  Gifted and Talented: Drinking Deeply or Merely Gargling?
•  Making a Cedar Strip Canoe: The Hydrodynamics of Drag
•  Metacognition and Anger Management
•  Scripted: The Process of Storytelling
•  Sight and Sound: How Music Affects the Videos
•  Teaching Mathematics in the 21st Century: Is There an App for That?
•  The Primary Care Process: Why Aren't Family Doctors Available?