Program Benefits

The Honors Program includes benefits both during and beyond the college years. 

During college, you'll be a part of a community committed to academic excellence. You'll brainstorm with classmates, create projects based on your passions, and spend your classroom time learning aside like-minded colleagues. 

After college, you will have a strong foundation to go on to grad school - or find a job where you can use the skills you learned as part of the honors program to provide value to an employer.

Benefits of the Honors Program include:

Academic Excellence:

  • Specifically designed courses tailored to abilities and needs of the program participants.
  • Increased choice in course selection (e.g., substituting upper-division courses for lower-division courses when appropriate).
  • Ongoing student-faculty interaction.
  • Honors components in academic majors and other courses.
  • Senior Honors Project and opportunity for independent study.

Community Involvement:

  • Shared experience with peers in the program.
  • Unique co-curricular and service activities.


  • Honors Scholarship while participating in the Honors Program in good standing.
  • Identification of courses with Honors credit on academic records and transcripts.
  • Honors Program Diploma, as well as special recognition at Commencement.