Meet the Honors Council

The Honors Council consists of the Program Director, 6 faculty members, and 4 Honors students in good standing who represent the four classes. 

The Program Director, assisted by the Honors Council, is responsible for administering all aspects of the Honors Program:

  • Facilitating the application and assessment of prospective participants
  • Coordinating Honors First-Year-Seminar, general-education Honors courses, and senior Honors Projects
  • Reviewing and approving Honors options
  • Planning and administering Honors events and special activities
  • Communicating program information to prospective students, student participants, faculty, and administration.

Honors Council Faculty

Berry_Elvera.jpg Elvera B. Berry, Ph.D.
Director, Honors Program
Professor of Communication
Honors students are woven into the fabric of Roberts Wesleyan College! They not only excel in academics, but also participate in all aspects of campus life: collegiate athletics and intramurals, music ensembles, campus ministry and off-campus outreach, peer tutoring, student government and publications, study abroad and global missions, etc. As Director of the Honors Program, I experience no greater reward than being in community with students as they grow both academically and personally.

Amy Kovach, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Honors Program
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

The Honors Program is tight knit community that allows students an outlet for their creativity and their academic interests. As a faculty member, I love having Honors students in my courses, and as a member of the Honors Council, I appreciate the opportunity to meet and interact with a diverse group of academically talented students.
Hosford_Romy.jpg Romy Hosford
Assistant Professor of Visual Arts
The experiences I had in the honors program at my Alma Mater were some of the most memorable and engaging of my undergrad studies. The ability to work closely with a professor on an area of in depth research was invaluable. Seeing the same commitment of both students and faculty in the honors program here at Roberts has been a highlight of my time here. I am honored to serve as a faculty member of the honors council and to work alongside the other faculty and student members of the council. I have observed the honors program, and its students, to be a vital and dynamic community of learners and leaders on this campus
Kandt_Dianne.jpg Dianne Kandt
Assistant Professor
Landrum-Michael.jpg Michael Landrum, D.M.A.
Professor of Music
Among the many areas in which I have served during my long tenure at Roberts Wesleyan, the Honors Council has surely been one of the most gratifying. It has been rewarding and fulfilling for me to have the opportunity to help shape and guide the education of some of our most diligent and talented students. I look forward to all that the new school year has to offer in this regard.
okane_john.jpg John O'Kane
Assistant Professor of Education
As a faculty member at Roberts Wesleyan College in the Teacher Education Department , serving on the Honors Council allows me a unique opportunity to help students better achieve their  God-given potential . It is also a uniquely rewarding way to help myself  enhance scholarly knowledge, extend service to students, and, in so doing, grow spiritually. This is the mission of the College as well.
Skiff_David.jpg David Skiff
Department Chair, Director of BSW Program, Professor of Social Work and Sociology