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Honors Alumni Highlights

There are approximately 200 Honors Program graduates in for-profit and not-for-profit professions.

The following is a sampling of what they have done with their honors program experience.


  • Employee Relations Director, New York City Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications
  • New York State lawyer/lobbyist with Harter Secrest & Emery LLP
  • Communication and Pursuit Strategist, Ernst & Young
  • Professor of Development Economics, University of Sydney, Australia
  • Orthopedic Physician Assistant
  • Residents: Family Medicine, Buffalo; University of PA
  • Course Mentor (Ph.D.) General Education/Communication
    Western Governors University
  • Peace Corps Volunteers: Moldova and Tanzania
  • Digital Planner & Channel Integration Specialist at DAC Group (creating strategy for established/merging online marketing channels for regional and national brands)

Advanced degrees: 

D.C., D.O., J.D., M.A., M.B.A., M.D., M.Ed., M.S., M.M., M.Div., Ph.D.

Representative Fields of Study:

  • Business & Finance (corporate, individual, consultation)
  • Education (all levels across all disciplines & administration)
  • Engineering & Science (industry, laboratory, teaching);
  • Law (corporate, lobbying, personal)
  • Design/ Journalism/ Marketing/ Advertising
  • Medicine (MD, Osteopathy, Chiropractics, Nursing)
  • Ministry (church, missions, music)
  • Social Work and Counseling (agency, school)

A few comments from Alumni:


I owe so much of where I am now to the Honors Program. The professors I worked with pushed me to start asking the kinds of questions that ultimately led me to graduate school, and they gave me the tools I needed to succeed along the way. Gone are the high school days when "honors" just meant "more homework for lower grades"--this program is purposeful, intellectually rigorous, and worth every minute. (Greg Coles, 2012, Penn State)
Alumni_JannaMoss.jpgThe Honors Program taught me to take responsibility, to set a goal, to work toward the goal, to accomplish the goal, and to determine how well the goal was accomplished— without needing constant affirmation. When you’re in the world of work, you can’t rely on grades--you’ll just get fired. You have to internalize the motivation and know when the work is good. (Janna Whitney Moss, 2003, Communication/Pursuit Strategist, Ernst & Young.)

The Honors program was an integral part of my time at Roberts. By participating in this program, I was challenged in meaningful ways, and I was encouraged to think critically about my faith and examine how it intersects with every aspect of my life. In doing so, my education went above and beyond the typical college experience, and I am very grateful for it. (Katie Sawade, 2007, Duke Divinity School--after two years in Peace Corps)


I use the skills I learned in the Honors Program at Roberts every day. It taught me to dig deeper so I could gain a full understanding of the subject matter. I also learned how to identify and understand implications across disciplines, a skill that has proven invaluable in my career. (Robert Hartman, 2007, Program Director, Product Strategy and Planning at MVP Health Care)


The Honors Program helped to form the foundation for my experience at Roberts. The chance to build connections with other students who shared my love for learning has been invaluable. (Robin Kanak, 2012, Villanova University)