Goals and Objectives

What is General Education?

Liberal education is a philosophy of education that empowers individuals with core knowledge and transferable skills and cultivates social responsibility and a strong sense of ethics and values. . .It usually includes a general education curriculum that provides students broad exposure to multiple disciplines and ways of knowing, along with a more in-depth study in at least one field or area of concentration.

~Association of American College and Universities

The General Education Program at Roberts Wesleyan College refers to that part of a liberal arts education which is shared by all students. It includes required courses which provide students with a broad educational foundation through exposure to diverse disciplines, including the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and the arts; and the development of intellectual skills, such as critical thinking and communication skills. It also incorporates a variety of co-curricular experiences which enrich a student’s academic program. Together, the core curriculum and co-curricular experiences provide students with a broad knowledge of the world, an understanding of the Christian heritage and its relationship to other worldviews, and the opportunity to examine and strengthen their own spiritual commitments.