Peer Mentors

Peer Mentor Testimonials

Janelle Baker Headshot

"Being a mentor allowed me to build a relationship with students especially in today's times. I was able to be a resource for them and not only was I able to guide them in their first semester but they guided me in my journey of becoming an educator."

Janelle Baker, Peer Mentor 2020

Kaycee Viator Headshot

"My favorite things about being a peer mentor were bonding with each of the students during our service project at Out of the Darkness, Inc. in the City of Rochester and having some brief conversations with a few students about how our weekends went before every class."

Kaycee Viator, Peer Mentor 2019

Michael Urbanski Headshot

"A positive experience for me while being a peer mentor was being able to watch the students grow and engage more with each other as the semester went on. It is amazing to see what God can do and how he works through every individual differently."

Michael Urbanski, Peer Mentor 2020