Faculty Mentors


Diana Abbott, Ph.D.

Professor of Education; Director, M.Ed. in Special Education Program

Amy Kovach, Ph.D.

Dean of the School of Education and Social Work; Honors Program Director

Jeffrey McPherson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Christian Theology; Chair, Department of Religion and Philosophy

Dr. Santhiny Rajamohan, PhD, RN

Associate Professor of Nursing; Director of First-Year Seminar

Jason R. Taylor, Ph.D.

Chair, Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences; Director, Academic Summer; Professor of Chemistry; Adjunct Professor of First-Year Seminar

Kirby Trask, M.A.

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice; Chair, Department of Criminal Justice

Adjunct Faculty

Sandra "Sam" Brzoza, MS, RN

Adjunct Professor of Nursing (Smith Hall 175)

Celeste Donleavy, M.S. Ed

Assistant Dean of Students, Adjunct Professor for First-Year Seminar

Walter Fleming, M.Div.

Adjunct for Ministry and First-Year Seminar

Rev. Megan A. Hoose, M.A.

Adjunct Professor of First-Year Seminar, Composition, and Philosophy

Angela Merrill, MSL

Adjunct Professor for First-Year Seminar, Language and Literature, and Business

Tammie Myslivecek, MATSJ

School of Nursing, Assistant to the Dean and Administrative Graduate Program Director